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Community Programs


Three major programs of The Inspiration Center and resource tools used:

Seminars are available and listed below:


Marriage and Family


* Before You Divorce

* DivorceCare

* DivorceCare 4Kids

* Group Counseling

* Individual Counseling












This program is designed to assist families with stress factors that often destroy the fabric of the family.* Strengthening Families Parenting Classes

* Domestic Violence Group/Safety Planning

* New Beginnings Class (Behavior Modification)

* Individual and Group Counseling




                               Children and Youth


Fish bowl is a program designed to assist children and teens in their search for identity and autonomy.* Youth Connection                        

* Life Skills

* All-Star Training                          

* Kids Connection                             

* Individual and Group Counseling

* Trauma Recovery for Children and Adolescence



Grief Recovery


* GriefShare Groups

* Individual and Group Counseling

Financial Recovery


* Financial Planning and Restoration

* Individual and Group Counseling


Job Skills


* Resume Writing      

* Employment Skill

* Individual and Group Counseling



This program is designed to assist individuals and families with budgeting, investment and saving skills.* Mentoring              

* Leadership/ Scholarships

* Entrepreneurship



"Call upon Me in the day of trouble: 1will (rescue) deliver you, and you shall glorify me." Psalm 50: 15