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Faith-Based Purpose




Connecting Faith-Based Organizations and Communities



If you are among the eighty-three percent of Americans that believe their spiritual faith is closely tied to their state of mental and emotional health, the Inspiration Center is for you. We have licensed and certified  counselors that also understand the moral compass that guides your decisions.



Our Staff and Director fully understand that by the time people open and walk through our doors, they have tried everything else and are seeking a holistic approach towards healing. Our programs incorporate their faith and values into the healing process because only the Creator can heal His Creation.





We believe in community and coming together to meet the needs of the people.


Achieving the Purpose for Faith-Based Organizations


* Advocating strong family and moral values

* Promoting protection of life and property

* Providing resources for Veterans, families and youth to

  resolve issues with reintegration and transition

* Redefining the relationship for today's blended

  families and cultures

* Equipping present and future citizens to become

  visionaries of change, resiliency and diversity







Effectiveness of Faith-Based Organizations



• Depends on availability of the community

• Veterans  and Families

• Solid partnerships with schools

• Local, State and Federal social service agencies

• Judicial and Law Enforcement agencies

• Parents

• Churches